Firemore clothing is suitable for a wide variety of uses, from casual walking to serious mountaineering. To help you choose the most suitable garment for your purposes we have listed the main features, together with the options available, on the preceding pages.

A tough, long lasting, extremely weatherproof material, which is breathable, quiet and comfortable to wear. 100% cotton, this is the best natural material available for shell clothing and is extensively used by the British Antarctic Survey and for immersion suits.
We make waterproof jackets with a double layer of material, making them warmer than most shell garments (370g/square metre).
We also use Ventile® as a single layer over fleece fabric for a tough, extremely shower resistant, warm, windproof jacket. Single layer Ventile® is showerproof and windproof, particularly suitable for active use (180g/square metre).

Venté fabric is waterproof, windproof, breathable and durable.
The Venté technical laminate membrane system used in these high performance garments consists of an outer face fabric, a membrane technology layer and a technical lining.
Venté advanced system fabrics will keep you warm, dry and comfortable whilst retaining the shape and handling characteristics of the garment.
We use two weights of Venté :
185g/m2 - ideal for general use (as described above) .
250g/m2 - a robust and heavyweight fabric, tougher, but less flexible.

Fleece Fabrics
We use predominantly Polartec®200, a polyester fleece which is soft, light, flexible and warm. It absorbs little water, dries quickly and is very durable. It wicks away perspiration to the outside making it very comfortable to wear. It can be worn either as an outer garment or used as a mid layer under a shell garment. (280g/square metre).

A hardwearing fleece fabric with a chunky textured outer layer. Lightweight & warm, it wicks away moisture easily, and dries quickly. 45% acrylic, 55% polyester. (250g/square metre)

A soft, light, flexible, showerproof material, used as an outer layer for windproof fleeces. These are highly breathable, extremely comfortable to wear, and will keep you warm and dry in all but the heaviest showers. Perspiration is quickly wicked away from the skin through the fleece and out through the thin outer Pertex® layer. The result is a warm, windproof, almost condensation-free internal environment.
(330g/square metre for the Pertex®/Polartec® combination)

Ventile is a registered trademark of Talbot Weaving Chorley Ltd.
Venté is a registered trademark of Coatings Applications Group.
Polartec is a registered trademark of Malden Mills.
Pertex is a registered trademark of Perseverance Mills Ltd.

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